Written and directed by LAURA CARREIRA
Director of Photography KARL KÜRTEN
Production Designer KARA RAMSAY
Sound Design JOHN COBBAN
Sound Recordist DAVID MCKEITCH
Distribution and Sales PORTUGAL FILM AGENCY
Commissioned as part of the SFTN New Shorts 2019/2020 programme.
Supported by Screen Scotland and BFI with National Lottery funding.
Winner of the Venice Short Film Nomination for the European Film Awards 2020
Nominated for Orizzonti Award for Best Short Film - 77th Venice Film Festival
Nominated for British/Irish Short Film the London Critics' Circle Awards  2020
Nominated for Best British Short Film at the London Short Film Festival 2021
WORLD PREMIERE - 77th Venice International Film Festival 2020 - Orrizonti Short Film Competition
Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2020 - Official Selection
Zagreb Film Festival 2020 - International Competition
Tofifest International Film Festival 2020 - Shorts Competition
Leeds Film Festival 2020 - European Film Awards Focus
Destiny City Film Festival 2021 - The Stories We Tell Program
Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival 2021 - Short Film Market Label picks
London Short Film Festival 2021 - Nominated for Best British Short Film
Glasgow Short Film Festival 2021 - Scottish Competition
Filmfest Dresden International Film Festival 2021 - Official Selection
Kortfilmfestivalen 2021 - The Norwegian Short Film Festival 2021 - International Competition
THIS IS SHORT Online Showcase - European Film Awards Tour
Riga International Short Film Festival - European Film Awards Tour
Tampere Film Festival - European Film Awards Tour
Krakow Film Festival - European Film Awards Tour
Kurzfilm Festival Hamburg - European Film Awards Tour
ShorTS International Film Festival, Trieste - European Film Awards Tour


> Laura Carreira e Ana Rocha de Sousa competem em Veneza na secção Horizontes - Público

"A micronarrativa, com os seus tempos, desagua numa experiência ampla, avassaladora: a partir do mundo tal como o conhecemos hoje, lembramo-nos do mundo que conhecemos antes."

> Venice Film Fest 2020 Interview: Laura Carreira on Showing the Work in “The Shift”

"It’s the Portuguese filmmaker’s second film to find a deeply human way to relate the larger struggle of a society that dealing with ever-increasing wealth inequity and the lack of a proper safety net inside just one person’s story."

> The New Current - Venice 2020: Interview with Laura Carreira

> Meet the stars of Glasgow Short Film Festival 2021

> Ubiquarian - The Shift - Review

"What starts as a simple walk to the supermarket ends in a heartbreaking contemporary tale of human, work-related drama. Carreira doesn’t show anything we don’t know, but the way she does it stays in one’s memory."

> Close-Up Culture - The Shift - Review

An agency worker is forced to make her ultimate sacrifice after her shift is cancelled unexpectedly.